Hurricane Labs InfoSec Podcast

Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk: Second Edition

March 16, 2016
Our big topic of discussion is Splunk Cloud - the good, the bad, and the ugly; we also cover some of the interesting features of Enterprise Security 4.0, including some things about Tim's favorite new feature; Cameron (CAMRON!) has *** Cameron's "Rant Sesh" Section***; Kelsey gets fired; and basically we have lots of opinions (as per usual) and a few REALLY amazing segues throughout our podcast. So, listen in to your hosts: Bill Mathews (@billford), Tim Baldwin, Cameron Schmidt, and Kelsey Clark (@unfoldmybrain)(if you dare...) for some authentic Splunk insights.   

Kelsey's Announcements: 
On the podcast Kelsey gives a quick review of the Hurricane Labs Cleveland and Pittsburgh Splunk> User Groups we hosted in February. We're also looking to improve these events moving forward, so if you have any cool ideas that are more hands-on and interactive, or topics will generally be advantageous to you as the user, feel free to reach out to Kelsey at  

Other Notes: 
If you're in any of these locations in March, April, and/or May, you will be graced with our presence at a few of the upcoming SplunkLive! events:  

And, of course, check out Trevor Bammel's latest Splunk-savvy blog post: Splunk Geostats: Because Where in the World Is It?