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The Women in Tech-quila Episode: Raising a Toast to Women in STEM

The Women in Tech-quila Episode: Raising a Toast to Women in STEM

June 5, 2020
In this podcast, Hurricane Labs Technical Writer Heather Terry, and VIP guest Hurricane Labs Director of Marketing Kelsey Clark, raise a toast to the Women in Tech 24-hour Virtual World Tour and chat about the highlights of their experience. Thanks for tuning in. Cheers!
Also, make sure you check out some of the fabulous resources we mention on the episode:
Reflections on the Technical Communication Summit 2020

Reflections on the Technical Communication Summit 2020

May 28, 2020

In this podcast, Hurricane Labs Technical Writer Heather Terry talks about her experience at the Technical Communication Summit of 2020

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Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk: The “We may be broken, but we still know some stuff about Splunk” Episode

Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk: The “We may be broken, but we still know some stuff about Splunk” Episode

June 6, 2018

Welcome back to the Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk! Your podcast hosts on this episode are Kelsey, Tom, and Brian (somehow all of us are apparently very broken, but we've still managed to get a few thoughts out about Splunk). 

In this episode we will be discussing quite a few topics, including:

  • [0:00 - 0:36 seconds] 
    Time dedicated to our absolutely amazing host intros... 

  • [00:37 - 4:25 minutes]
    The Hurricane Labs in-house created Broken Hosts App for Splunk, because we don't want you to find out your data is missing before you go to search for it. You can find the app on the featured section of our very own Splunk Apps page.

  • [4:26 - 9:18 minutes]
    Some of the cool new features that are a part of Splunk 7.1 (Note: there are a few things mentioned here that have either come and gone, or that Splunk has addressed since the recording of the podcast). We have also created a couple of related screencasts about Goodbye Changeme and an overview of what the 7.1 UI looks like. Make sure you check those out too.
  • [9:19 - 17:10 minutes]
    Phantom - how it's helping security teams with automation and orchestration, and also why we're excited about it. 

  • [17:10 - 24:25 minutes]
    A few fun stories about Splunk's Annual Partner Symposium and then it pretty much goes downhill from there. Thanks for listening in! 

P.S. As Tom so nicely mentioned at the end, if you've been willing to put up with us for this podcast you should definitely do yourself a favor and check out our Splunk Tutorials Page and some of our other helpful resources on the Hurricane Labs website. Anddd we're on Twitter to, if that's your thing: @hurricanelabs. Thanks!

IoT: But y tho?

IoT: But y tho?

February 10, 2017

duh duh duhhhh the INTERNET OF THINGS *said in a loud, obnoxious wrestling announcer style voice* 

Podcast Topic (aka rant): On this episode Kelsey, Josh, Rob and Tim will be chatting (and yelling) about the Internet of Things...

Kelsey's Disclaimer: Kelsey personally apologizes for any vulgar language that may occur during the podcast XD 

Are you asking some of the same questions below? Then pop in those earpods and listen in!

  • Why would I possibly want a smartwatch?
  • What in the heck does "IoT" actually mean?
  • Why would I want my toaster on the Internet?
  • What makes security different for IoT devices?
  • We can't even secure printers tho...?
  • Is the "convenience" worth the risk?

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Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk: Third Edition

Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk: Third Edition

October 26, 2016

Hey Splunkers, it's been a while, but we're back! This is the Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk: Third Edition, and we're going to call this the "It's not magic, it's Splunk" segment. Your hosts on this podcast are Kelsey Clark (marketing person who no longer wants to host this particular podcast), Steve McMaster (SOC department lead), Tom Kopchak (Splunk admin department lead), and Tim Baldwin (who gets told what to do by Steve and Tom, is the only one who actually does any work, and is one of HL's Splunk engineers). ;) 

In this podcast, we'll be discussing Tim and Tom's .conf presentation highlights surrounding Splunk and monitoring, as well as conversing about new and upcoming features that connect with the admin side of things and also some of the improvements we're seeing on the security side of things. 

Disclaimer: We like to keep these podcasts interesting and informative, as well as realistic and down to earth; however, gotta toss it out there that we do NOT speak on the entire behalf of Hurricane Labs, nor do we speak on the behalf of Splunk>. We're here to discuss our thoughts surrounding Splunk and hope you can fish something (anything) useful out of our deep pool of knowledge. 

Oh, and if you are going to be around tomorrow at our big annual Information Security Summit, make sure you check out Tom and Steve's talk (it's Thursday after the keynote, so you should be caffeinated and ready to hear about how you can win at compliance!!! Woo!). See presentation details here

Feel free to Tweet us with any questions, thoughts, concerns, and/or other random things. You can find us on Twitter at @hurricanelabs, or if you need someone to yell at you can always find Kelsey at @unfoldmybrain too

Isn’t ransomware hosted in Transylvania?

Isn’t ransomware hosted in Transylvania?

May 13, 2016
(...but really). Is ransomware the biggest threat in cybersecurity right now? Which side of the "to pay, or not to pay" argument do we land on? What does the future of ransomware look like? How do enterprises and users avoid this malicious software that locks down their critical business data? 

These and other questions (that are less ridiculous than the podcast title), will be discussed by Kelsey Clark (host and marketing person), Corey Ham (penetration tester), Tom Kopchak (doer of stuff and things), and Marc Fears (SOC team and first time podcaster!). This is Episode .09: The "Isn't ransomware hosted in Transylvania?" Episode. Listen if you dare...

Articles of reference: 

Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk: Second Edition

Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk: Second Edition

March 16, 2016
Our big topic of discussion is Splunk Cloud - the good, the bad, and the ugly; we also cover some of the interesting features of Enterprise Security 4.0, including some things about Tim's favorite new feature; Cameron (CAMRON!) has *** Cameron's "Rant Sesh" Section***; Kelsey gets fired; and basically we have lots of opinions (as per usual) and a few REALLY amazing segues throughout our podcast. So, listen in to your hosts: Bill Mathews (@billford), Tim Baldwin, Cameron Schmidt, and Kelsey Clark (@unfoldmybrain)(if you dare...) for some authentic Splunk insights.   

Kelsey's Announcements: 
On the podcast Kelsey gives a quick review of the Hurricane Labs Cleveland and Pittsburgh Splunk> User Groups we hosted in February. We're also looking to improve these events moving forward, so if you have any cool ideas that are more hands-on and interactive, or topics will generally be advantageous to you as the user, feel free to reach out to Kelsey at  

Other Notes: 
If you're in any of these locations in March, April, and/or May, you will be graced with our presence at a few of the upcoming SplunkLive! events:  

And, of course, check out Trevor Bammel's latest Splunk-savvy blog post: Splunk Geostats: Because Where in the World Is It? 

No, You Can’t Close Pandora’s Box

No, You Can’t Close Pandora’s Box

February 26, 2016
So, what's really going on with the Apple-FBI encryption debate and what are the major concerns surrounding it? Also, did you hear about that hospital that was hit by ransomware? Interested in some "official" Hurricane Labs tips on how you can avoid this type of attack? Listen in!

This is Hurricane Labs' InfoSec Podcast Episode .08: The "No, You Can't Close Pandora's Box" Edition, featuring Kelsey Clark (marketing person and list maker), Corey Ham (pen tester), Tom Kopchak (someone in charge of something), and Nathan Burrows (the thing Tom's in charge of). 

Show Articles:
Blurred Lines and the Murkiness of Cyberwar

Blurred Lines and the Murkiness of Cyberwar

December 18, 2015
What can, or should, the Internet and Social Media companies do to fight terrorism? How do we wade through the murkiness of cyber defense and offense when it comes to war? What happened with the DDoS attack on the Internet's backbone and is it worth worrying about? 

This is Episode .07: The "Blurred Lines and the Murkiness of Cyberwar" Edition, featuring Kelsey Clark (Host and Marketing Person), Tom Kopchak (Doer of Stuff and Things), Rob Palcisko (Intern turned Full-Time Network Engineer); and Neil Madaczky (Splunk and The Webs). 

Show note articles: 
Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk: First Edition

Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk: First Edition

November 9, 2015

No, you can't magic data... But we will be talking about some things you can do with Splunk! Welcome to the first edition of the Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk, with your hosts Bill Mathews (@billford), Tim Baldwin, Ian Gillespie (@ianisgood), and Kelsey Clark (@k1clark).

Topics of Discussion: 

Side note... During our discussion about IoT, Fitbits, and exercise, we went on a thrilling tangent about "Zombies, Run!", which is an app that is supposed to simulate you being chased by zombies in order to help you during your running workout.

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Thanks for tuning in!