Hurricane Labs InfoSec Podcast

[Episode .03 Feature Debate] Are Airplane Hackers Good or Bad?

May 28, 2015
The controversial question posed here is: Are airplane hackers good or bad? 

We decided to highlight this segment from our most recent Podcast: Episode .03 - The "But Wait, Where's the Logjam Logo" Edition, because it's an interesting topic and we didn't want you to miss it due to our full episode being a bit lengthy in time. 

During this segment, Hurricane Labs' infoSec pros Kelsey Clark (Marketing Person), Tom Kopchak (Senior Security Engineer & Ops Team Lead), Corey Ham (Pentester), and Amanda Berlin (Network Security Engineer), debate the different perspectives on airplane hacking.  

Corey's Suggested Carnal0wnage Blog Post: Let's Call Stunt Hacking What it is, Media Whoring 

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