Hurricane Labs InfoSec Podcast

IoT: But y tho?

February 10, 2017

duh duh duhhhh the INTERNET OF THINGS *said in a loud, obnoxious wrestling announcer style voice* 

Podcast Topic (aka rant): On this episode Kelsey, Josh, Rob and Tim will be chatting (and yelling) about the Internet of Things...

Kelsey's Disclaimer: Kelsey personally apologizes for any vulgar language that may occur during the podcast XD 

Are you asking some of the same questions below? Then pop in those earpods and listen in!

  • Why would I possibly want a smartwatch?
  • What in the heck does "IoT" actually mean?
  • Why would I want my toaster on the Internet?
  • What makes security different for IoT devices?
  • We can't even secure printers tho...?
  • Is the "convenience" worth the risk?

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